Giving each child an opportunity to succeed

Joshua Hillary Ayme was always quiet and always wanted to be around me. He’d sit close wanting to be loved. He was a sweet boy who always had a big smile. He played well with the other children in the orphanage but he struggled in school. Teachers never had the time and were not trained to help him in ways he needed help.

He was brought to Harvesters’ orphanage by his grandmother before he was one. He had and continues to struggle with an autism spectrum disorder. While Joshua is a smart young man, he has not performed well in school because of his difficulty managing sensory input in a classroom of fifty plus students. In fact, he just repeated the first grade for the third time.

This past school year was different. Joshua received one-on-one instruction to learn English, Math and Reading Comprehension. It worked! When he was tested, he scored over 90% in all areas and received an award for being third in his class.

Joshua has also been given the opportunity to engage in his love for drawing and creating. I think you’ll see from the photo below how God has gifted him in this area. And yes there are telephone poles in this drawing. When asked where he had seen a telephone/electrical pole he responded that he saw them in town along with the different types of houses he drew.

Photo drawn by Harvesters' Joshua Hillary Ayme

Photo drawn by Harvesters’ Joshua Hillary Ayme

Education is a huge blessing to these children and we thank you for helping to provide students like Joshua with an opportunity to receive one.