Overcoming Severe Malnutrition

Elizabeth Pita joined Harvesters’ family in 2011 when she was 2 years old. She was terribly malnourished, could barely sit up and weighed less than 15 pounds. Her grandfather asked us to care for her since he no longer could. His daughter, the child’s mother, had epilepsy and could hardly take care of herself and couldn’t care for her daughter. He had tried to care for and protect little Elizabeth since she was born, but he could not do enough to sustain her. She was in such poor health that once at Harvesters, little Elizabeth required one-on-one care for several months.

Elizabeth when she first came to Harvesters.

Today, because Elizabeth received the medical care, love and nourishment that she needed, she is in preschool and a healthy little girl. She is both cheerful and silly, always looking for some excitement on campus. Elizabeth turned 7 on July 3rd. As we watch this precious young girl grow up in front of our eyes, we are continually reminded of and humbled by the opportunity we have been given to share God’s love with her. God has entrusted her to our care and whether it be the housemothers or missionaries who held, fed and bathed her or the stories of Jesus she hears in church or even the sounds of the other children singing songs to her, we are thankful to play a small role along with you in “training her up in the way she should go”.

Thank you for partnering with us to provide quality medical care for children like Elizabeth.